# Older posts

We're starting to gather older posts here to create a complete history. In the meantime, here's links to some of our milestones.

# Discovery and Alpha

Alpha almost done (opens new window)
21 September 2020

London Councils explain why our content formats suit them (opens new window)
29 July 2020

Why London Councils joined us (opens new window)
15 July 2020

What 4 councils learned about sharing Drupal code (opens new window)
1 April 2020

More blog posts at Croydon Digital (opens new window)

# Before Discovery

LocalGov Drupal finally happened! (opens new window)
8 September 2020
A great friend to LocalGov Drupal, Alick Mighall, explains how we got started

Time for Local Gov Website as a Service (opens new window)
27 February 2019
Current project lead, Will, floats the idea of a shared publishing codebase for councils

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