# Skills Sessions - GDPR and Sociocracy

Our occasional series continued during May with two great Skills Sessions on GDPR and Sociocracy.

Regular readers will know that one or two people lead the session, but anyone can share their experiences and ask questions. We always end up having good conversations, and everyone learns something new.

We figured this might be useful for others, so are adding recordings of the sessions to our YouTube channel (opens new window).


Mike King (opens new window) and Mark Conroy (opens new window) from Annertech have in depth knowledge of GDPR issues, and how to provide the best solution for citizens. We really liked how they walked through the important issues, and provided best practice examples. Thanks both!

# Sociocracy

What is Sociocracy? you ask. Well, it's a great way of organising a large team into smaller groups that are empowered to make good decisions. As LocalGov Drupal grows, it's something we need to better understand and do.

Finn Lewis (opens new window) from Agile Collective and Abi Handley (opens new window) from Outlandish explain more. Like our other videos, it's well worth a watch. Thanks Finn and Abi for your talk!

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# Future sessions

Follow us on Twitter (opens new window) and we'll give you advance warning of events. We're using Google Meet so numbers might be limited from time to time.

Please let us know what you think of this video, and what you'd like us to cover.

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