# Frontend theme

# Deprecated

This documentation is for the original localgov_theme and the associated localgov_skeleton theme, which have been superceded by the localgov_base theme (opens new window) documentation for which is in production.

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The theme uses Bootstrap 4 and uses Gulp for compiling SASS to CSS. We aim for each library to be included and compiled separately so that child themes can selectively override each library they don't wish to inherit.

# Installation

The theme should automatically be installed through composer if you're getting setup on the localgov project. You can also simply clone the theme and remove the .git folder, make sure you clone from the latest production branch.

# Getting started

Install dependencies using npm install.

If you want to start development then npm run-script dev will run compilers, with watchers for file changes and BrowserSync.

You can compile the theme for production using npm run-script generate. This will run all the compilers once with the 'production' environment variable without any watchers or BrowserSync.

An alternative to dev is the build script, this will run the same function with the 'production' environment variable instead. This can be useful for debugging production compilations.

The main difference between 'production' and 'development' compilations are how some internal plugins work and in some cases if particular plugins such as PurgeCSS are run.

The node_modules folder will be, and should be, gitignored. You can replace npm with yarn if you prefer it, just note that the lock file will be different and that may have issues.

# Skeleton theme

Our front end theme uses the localgov_skeleton theme as its base, this allows to share generic templates with other themes if you wanted to build a custom child theme not related to the localgov_theme. Jump to documentation.

# Admin theme

We also have an admin theme that comes with some enhancements to the Claro theme found in core. You can read more about it in its documentation.