# Styling

# Deprecated

This documentation is for the original localgov_theme and the associated localgov_skeleton theme, which have been superceded by the localgov_base theme (opens new window) documentation for which is in production.

The theme is using SASS with Bootstrap 4 (opens new window) and is compiled to CSS with Gulp. All source files can be found in /assets/scss, each file will be compiled into a file with the same name and folder structure into /assets/css that you can then include in your Drupal libraries. Files with names beginning with an underscore _ will be ignored by the compiler, but they can still be imported into other SASS files.

# Bootstrap


# Utilities


# CK Editor Stylesheets

We support writing stylesheets specifically for the CK editor. In the main CK file /assets/scss/lib/ck_style.scss you'll find specific partials being included, these are fontface declarations, typography stylings and any other rules you want to include specifically within the CK editors in Drupal. The reason for using a separate stylesheet as opposed to the main is to limit the overall size of the CSS as it gets loaded and processes into many iframes.

This will be compiled to /assets/css/ck_style.css automatically with the main stylesheet.

CSS is included in Drupal CK Editor using this declaration in the localgov_theme.info.yml file:

  - assets/css/font-face.css
  - assets/css/lib/ck_style.css