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Telltale Research

Telltale Research is a multi-disciplinary collective founded by Alexandra Clark, a senior Research Director with a background in social anthropology and 15 years of experience in applied research.

The consultancy was created in 2017, with the purpose of using research to further a range of social and environmental causes.

Telltale Research is a values-led consultancy made up of senior experts from a range of research backgrounds.

Through their unique approach using rigorous academic research, with immersive and creative techniques, they deliver emotionally impactful insights by use of visual storytelling combined with strategic consulting.

Among others, they have worked with The Princes Trust to understand the needs of young people to inform their 5-year strategy, with The Royal Institution to challenge the spread of pseudoscience, with Panasonic to explore sustainability trends and opportunities, and not least, a range of councils to understand user needs as they transition to LGD.

Telltale Research and LocalGov Drupal

We supported LGD with research and consulting in the Alpha phase to understand the value of the proposition from the perspective of councils of various sizes and locations, as well as to help further develop it and attain future funding.

As many councils are increasingly adopting LGD, we support this transition by taking into account the needs of users/residents and how to implement these findings as changes are made.

With LocalGov Drupal councils can work together for the collective good, saving money, and learning from each other.
Alexandra Clark, Founder of Telltale Research


Dumfries and Galloway Council project


Dumfries and Galloway homepage


Most recently, we worked with Dumfries & Galloway Council to conduct user research on their Waste & Recycling pages.

We delivered our findings in a report that contained best practice guidelines across four sections (Design, Accessibility, Copy, UX), alongside insights with video clips of residents navigating the site and commenting on the user-friendliness, and our recommendations with references to best cases from other councils and Government Design System guidelines.  

We have also worked with Haringey Council and Cumbria County Council.


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