The publishing platform created by councils, for councils.


LocalGov Drupal is a community of digital leaders, developers, and content designers from UK councils and their suppliers.

The project would not be where it is today without the suppliers our member councils work with; the agencies, developers, user researchers, content designers, hosting providers and communications professionals. All provide key skills, knowledge and expertise to help in-house digital teams create the websites that their citizens need.


Find a supplier

There are several companies that are recommended for their excellent work on LocalGov Drupal, providing consultancy, development and technical support. 

Find an LGD supplier here


Supporting Partners offer integrations and solutions with LocalGov Drupal - software or hosting solutions not offered through the core distribution but that are trusted by councils and integrate well with the distribution.

Find a Supporting Partner here.


How to become a supplier member

Any supplier or partner who is committed to our core aims and fulfills our simple criteria can become a member of LocalGov Drupal by paying an annual membership fee.

Suppliers should be working with, and be recommended by a LocalGov Drupal council. In some circumstances we also consider those who have a client using LocalGov Drupal or have a potential client with LocalGov Drupal

See the Supplier Membership page for full details of requirements, how to apply, and the benefits of being an LGD supplier. 


LocalGov Drupal is the dream project; dynamic, democratic and inspiring. It has a collaborative process within which products can emerge and evolve, something that has energised our developers and designers on every sprint. Plus the councils we have worked with are delighted with the platform, and are saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Richard Rowley, Agile Collective