Product Roadmap

The product roadmap is set by our councils, suppliers, and the core team.

As of 2024, the core team's work is arranged into ‘missions’ based on feedback from our council users and suppliers. This gives us more focus and ensures we’re working on the right things for users.

Our current missions are:

  • Accessibility (a comprehensive audit of everything we’ve done so far, followed by work to address any issues)
  • Editor experience (new features and quality-of-life improvements for our content designer users)
  • Microsites (stability improvements and new features for our flexible site-building platform)

We’re also spending time on:

  • Growing contributions to LocalGov Drupal, including moving our projects to
  • Continuing integration work with our supporting partner, Netcall
  • Exploring how LocalGov Drupal could be used for intranets


Council and supplier contributions

Councils and suppliers also contribute features to LocalGov Drupal; you can see some of the current contributors below. 

Thanks to everyone who's contributed - we're stronger working together!

If you have suggestions for future features, please get in touch.


Recent releases 

Several recent releases can now be tested.

We encourage councils and suppliers to help us test alpha and beta releases so we can resolve bugs before making a stable release. Please see our docs site for more information on release status and stability.

Update Release Status By
Content access by path
Optional Drupal contributed module - Allows content creation to be devolved to other council teams.
Stable Essex, Annertech
Elections v2, v3
Optional LGD contributed module - Allows automatic creation of Ward and Westminster elections
Alpha Cumberland, Westmorland & Furness, Rohallion, Big Blue Door and Mark Conroy
HTML publications
Optional LGD contributed module - Provides long form content type to reduce the need for publishing PDFs.
Stable Hammersmith & Fulham, ChickenThe Digital Word
Media entity usage
Provides a new 'usage' tab on media items to show pages on which they are used
Stable Big Blue Door and Mark Conroy
Service contacts
Optional LGD Core module - Assign pages to contacts in your organisation who receive automatic emails when content needs to be reviewed.
Stable Core team
Subsite extras
Optional LGD contributed module - Provides a menu for subsites and allows any LGD content type to be included.
Alpha Hammersmith and Fulham, Essex, Chicken, Big Blue Door and Mark Conroy
LocalGov Microsites
Manage all your microsites from one Drupal installation. Now at a 4.0.0-beta1 release and ready for testing.
Beta Core team


What we're working on now

Update By
Accessibility audit of LGD CMS and LGD Microsites. With follow on remediation work. Core team
Preview link update 
Automatic creation of single links to preview whole guides, step-by-step and directories.
Core team
Events v2
It provides event “channels” to gather specific types of events (e.g., Fostering, Environment, children).
Hammersmith & Fulham, Essex, Chicken
Microsites 4.0.0 stable release 
General stability updates and test coverage. Gathering needs for future developments.
Core team

Find more details on the LocalGov Drupal backlog.


What we're working on next

Update By
Character counts for title and summary fields Core team with others tba
Exploring additional functionality provided by the following Drupal modules: Entity UsageReplicateWhat Links HereMasqueradeContent ReadabilityOpen AI. Core team with others tba
Microsites features identified by our community. Core team with others tba


Unfunded work

We’re looking for financial support from councils and suppliers to meet bigger goals.

Like ‘Kickstarter’ projects, work will go ahead when we have sufficient backing.

Update Funding needed By
Elections v4
Provides for elections where multiple candidates can be elected in any single ward, also potentially adding PR type votes. Technical fixes and tests.
8 day approx Cumberland, Westmorland & Furness, Rohallion
Discovery project to provide content designers with useful info within LGD: accessibility checks, broken links checks, analytics, user feedback.


How we design and build

We use the UK Design Council’s Double Diamond design framework to ensure that adequate time and creative thinking are given to any given feature. This framework gives us a common language with which to discuss design. Also see our Feature Design guide