LocalGov Drupal is a community of digital leaders, developers, and content designers from UK and European councils and their suppliers.

We work together to produce a best-practice web publishing platform that is freely available to all participating councils. This platform helps councils deliver a better digital experience for their citizens while saving money for vital frontline services.

We share code, user research and ideas to help each other build incredible sites.


Our Councils

Over 45 councils currently contribute to the LocalGov Drupal project, from development time to user testing. Some councils also pay a voluntary subscription fee to help ensure that LocalGov Drupal remains financially sustainable.

When I come up with any issues, I just go to the team. There's lots of collaboration, there's lots of sharing. The way the LocalGov Drupal product group shares information is brilliant.
Angie Forson, Senior Content Designer, Croydon


The project would not be where it is today without the suppliers our councils work with; the agencies, developers, user researchers, content designers, and communications professionals.

All provide key skills, knowledge and expertise to help in-house digital teams create the websites that their citizens need.

LocalGov Drupal is the dream project; dynamic, democratic, and inspiring. Its collaborative process allows products to emerge and evolve, which has energised our developers and designers in every sprint.
Richard Rowley, Design Lead at Agile Collective (Founding Member)

Supporting Partners

Supporting Partners offer integrations and solutions with LocalGov Drupal - software or hosting solutions not offered through the core distribution but that are trusted by councils and integrate well with the distribution.

Our partnership is a testament to the power of constructive collaboration, teamwork and shared vision.
Mark Gannon, Director of Customer Solutions, Netcall


LocalGov Drupal is much more than a product - it is a community that shares ideas and supports one another to solve common problems. There are a range of ways we do this.