Deliver a better digital experience for citizens, improve service outcomes, and save your council money with LocalGov Drupal.

Our products are built and maintained by a community of digital experts from local councils and their suppliers.

About our community

LocalGov Drupal can reduce the cost of building a new website by up to 80%, leaving resources to do more.

The business case
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LocalGov Drupal CMS

Totally free, easy to implement and built by councils for councils. LocalGov Drupal CMS is trusted by 42 councils of all sizes throughout the UK

LocalGov Drupal Microsites

Our Microsites Platform reuses many features from the main CMS. It offers councils unparalleled control of their entire digital estate. 

Illustrated map of an imaginary town
LGD is what proper local gov digital collaboration looks like. A single platform where everyone gets the benefits of each other's investment for free. Solving problems once, together. I'd urge any council to get on board, it's a no brainer!
Neil Williams, Chief Digital Officer at Croydon Council, former head of GOV.UK