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You can find everything you need to get started on LocalGov CMS or our Microsites Platform on our Docs site and all our code is on Github.


We're always happy to hear from new councils, answer questions and share ideas.

Follow this step-by-step to joining the community

For general enquiries or to find out how to get more involved, contact us on

To chat with members of our community, email us to join our Slack channel.

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When I come up with any issues, I just go to the team. There's lots of collaboration, there's lots of sharing. The way this LocalGov Drupal product group shares information is brilliant.
Angie Forson, Senior Content Designer, Croydon


Groups & Meetings

There are regular meetings for the Community, Technical, and Content groups, plus various meetings for those working on particular features.

You can find all the sessions listed on Luma.


Community meet-up

Join us at our community meet-ups (monthly on the 3rd Thursday, 2:00 pm).

Register on Luma.


Technical Sessions

There are 3 technical session types

  • The Technical Drop-in is a weekly open session for developers, on Thursdays, to get help, guidance, and to share ideas.  

Register on Luma.

  • Merge Monday - Weekly - Mondays at 2:00pm

Register on Luma.


Content Design Sessions

Content Group meetings - Monthly - Tuesday at 2:00

Register on Luma.


Mission Patches

Each phase of LocalGov Drupal has its own mission patch - feel free to download and use them. 

LocalGov Drupal Discovery - Sharing is Caring. Illustrated mission patch with the Druplicon wearing a pink hat with the Drupal 8 logo.
LocalGov Drupal Alpha - Growing together. Illustrated mission patch with a black cat wearing a headset and druplicon icons.
LocalGov Drupal Beta - Building community. Illustrated mission patch with dog wearing an orange neckerchief, the Drupal logo and a coronavirus molecule.
LocalGov Drupal - Transform. Illustrated mission patch with a treefrog, frogspawn and tadpole.
LocalGov Drupal - Microsites. Illustrated mission patch with a family of meerkats, and a plus and minus icon.
Flying solo Localgov Drupal