The publishing platform created by councils, for councils.


Run by Councils for Councils

We’re a young organisation with an evolving structure. Our guiding principle is that the LocalGov Drupal should be run by councils for the benefit of participating councils and their citizens.

We currently have four groups that are responsible for different aspects of the project, with many smaller teams that work on specific aspects of the project.

Each group is made up of representatives from council digital teams, alongside outside experts who help to deliver some of the work.


The Steering Group is responsible for:

  • ensuring the growth and sustainability of LocalGov Drupal
  • coordinating the strategic direction of the organisation
  • maintaining oversight of the project (including risk management)
  • overseeing the development of the governance structures
  • evaluating the project and product
  • overseeing onboarding and communications work
  • ensuring that our culture is open and transparent and participants are happy


The Product Group is responsible for:

  • product governance and process
  • setting the product roadmap and release dates 
  • releasing quality standards
  • leading on technical direction and architecture
  • compiling user research


The Technical Group is responsible for:

  • leading on development processes and coding standards
  • security reviews and maintenance
  • conduct guidelines for committers
  • resolving any disputes or issues related to the code
  • creating documentation for new features


The Open Digital Cooperative board is responsible for: 

  • Ensuring the financial sustainability of the project
  • Working with the steering group to transition from a government-funded to an independent organisation
  • Working with the steering group on all strategic aspects of the project.


Decision making

To ensure that we are as inclusive as possible, and actively listen to the different voices within LocalGov Drupal, we have an innovative and systematic approach to decision making.

This is based on sociocratic decision making, and aims to make all meetings as efficient, democratic and effective as possible.


If you would like to find out more or have any questions just drop us a line at We are always happy to chat about LocalGov Drupal, provide a demo of the platform, or show how councils are using it.