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Agile Collective is a worker-owned agency that designs, builds and supports websites for purpose-driven organisations.

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Agile Collective offers digital services to local authorities and other purpose-driven organisations.

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As active members of the LocalGov Drupal community, we are passionate about contributing our time and expertise to the project. 

We have been a leading technical partner for LocalGov Drupal since 2020, overseeing the technical development of the platform and governance through the Discovery, Alpha, and Beta phases. We also led the development of the Microsites distribution in 2022.

Additionally, we have introduced innovative processes to the project, such as Design Thinking and sociocracy. 

We continue to be at the forefront of technical development, contributing extensive code, documentation, and knowledge. 

We are key contributors to the Publications Working Group, Tech Circle, and accessibility group. We are also on the board of Directors of Open Digital Cooperative.


Community and Cooperation

We value community and cooperation, and LocalGov Drupal is one of the most exciting open-source projects we’ve enjoyed working on. 

Improving local council websites means greater access to public services and information for citizens. Building the shared functionality together means that money doesn’t need to be spent over and over by local councils. Instead, we can pool our shared knowledge to build something tailor-made for councils and proven to work for people.

One of the most significant benefits is the collaboration opportunities. Those working together across councils and their suppliers learn from each other and feel supported. We supplement each other’s skills and acknowledge what a game-changer it is to have peers to work with across multiple organisations. 

Together, development agencies, accessibility experts, content designers, product managers, user researchers, and communication experts share experience and expertise to contribute to the project's design, codebase and documentation. 

The suppliers and councils are a collaborative community and support new platform adopters.

LocalGov Drupal gives you the opportunity to contribute, collaborate, and make a significant impact. If you’re interested in creating innovative solutions, promoting accessibility, and shaping the future through an exciting community-focused, open-source project, then join!
Maria Young, Agile Collective, Coop Member and Director


Agile's work with Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council website homepage


In 2021, Agile Collective took on the task of redesigning Lambeth Council's outdated website using LocalGov Drupal. The redesign followed design principles advocated by Government Digital Services (GDS) to ensure clarity, consistency, and accessibility. 

The Lambeth team provided a well-researched design system focusing on clean layouts, typography hierarchy, clear navigation, consistent design patterns, responsive layouts, and accessibility compliance following WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

Using the Subsites feature, we created visually distinct areas within the website for sections such as weddings and civil ceremonies, bereavement services, and fostering. 

Each subsite has its own navigation, sub-branding, and rich multimedia content, providing a cohesive yet individualised experience. This feature proved particularly valuable for the fostering services campaign, allowing the use of visual elements to effectively communicate the importance and impact of fostering services.

The Family Information Directory (FID) was another significant feature of Lambeth Council's new website. LocalGov Drupal's Directories functionality facilitated the listing, indexing, and search of local activities, organisations, and services for children and young people in Lambeth. 

The FID required a map feature to help parents and caregivers find age-specific services nearby. Nightly data imports ensured the directory's accuracy, allowing Lambeth citizens to access the most up-to-date information.

Overall, the collaboration was a success. Everyone was pleased with how we worked and the results. The LocalGov Drupal-powered redesign enabled Lambeth Council to deliver improved online services and engage with its constituents effectively.

Other councils Agile have worked with

In addition to our collaboration with various councils involved in the Alpha, Beta, and Microsites phases of LocalGov Drupal, we have undertaken many projects for Lambeth Council and Oxfordshire County Council.

We have worked with digital teams from councils, including Oxford City Council, Hull City Council, Crawley Borough Council and others.

We are happy to help you determine if LocalGov Drupal is right for you. If you're interested in collaborating with us or want to know more about the power of LocalGov Drupal, email us at




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