The publishing platform created by councils, for councils.

Business Case

LocalGov Drupal is a community of developers, content designers and digital leaders from local councils across the UK.

We collaborate to develop best practice, open source websites that are freely available to all UK councils.

Our motivation is to help councils deliver a better digital experience for their citizens while at the same time saving money for vital frontline services.

We reduce costs by working together to develop a shared pool of code, resources, research and expertise. We estimate that using LocalGov Drupal will reduce the cost of building a new council website by up to 80% (depending on the extras a council wishes to add).

The impact of LocalGov Drupal on our website and operations has been huge. We've started to see customer focused content and design that allows residents to access services and complete their business far faster than they could before.
Simon Higgins, Assistant Director, Customer and Community Services, Cumbria County Council

Lower Costs

No license fees

The software we use is open source (non proprietary) and as such doesn’t come with a fee attached.

Lower development costs

You’ll have complete control over your site, so there is less need to rely on (and pay) external organisations to add new features. Member councils have seen £40,000 -  £100,000 saved on developer costs. 

Free access to new features and upgrades

When you join LocalGov Drupal you’ll become part of a UK wide network of expertise. We are a community of developers, content designers and digital managers working within local government who collaborate to improve and enhance the product, while maintaining its stability.   

Free access to subsite capabilities

Within the distribution we also have the facility to create subsites. These are tailored pages within your existing site that means you don’t need to turn to agencies when you need to create additional page types for specific campaigns. A new subsite using LocalGov Drupal could reduce costs by up to 90%.

We’re also investigating stand alone microsites for other council functions.

Save on user research

We're led by user data and have an evidenced based approach. Joining LocalGov Drupal means you don’t need to spend money on user research to create features that we already provide. Councils have saved up to £15,000 on user research for new site builds.

Reduced service demand

With pooled user research and best practice accessibility as standard, LocalGov Drupal helps to reduce demand on customer services with citizens more easily able to access and use online services. The ease of use comes from: 

  • Best practice page formats based on user research 
  • AA rated accessibility 
  • Mobile responsive page templates

Together with changes in content and improved site structure, councils can provide a superior digital experience for citizens and reduce the demand on customer services.


If you would like to find out more or have any questions just drop us a line at We are always happy to chat about LocalGov Drupal, provide a demo of the platform, or show how councils are using it.

It’s just a no brainer – because you’re saving development time and costs, you’re not having to rethink stuff that’s already engineered. Ultimately, each local authority sees itself as an individual, but we’re all in the same services, the mechanics of it, it’s all the same.