Elections v3 is now available in Beta

With the general election just a week away, we’ve been working hard to prepare our elections module.

The famous gov.uk motto is “doing the hard work to make things simple”, and we’ve certainly done that.

Elections v3 is now available in Beta and includes:

  • automatic lookup of constituencies and parties
  • enter the name of your constituencies, and the boundary data is pulled in automatically
  • enter candidate names and assign a party. Details for the major parties are already included
  • users can also tweet results as they come in directly from LGD
  • First past the post single seat per electoral area elections
  • 'All-out' and not 'all-out' (e.g. halves or thirds) election
  • Table, graph and map based views of the results



How to use and support

Talk to your dev team or agency today if you want to use it for the elections next week. They can get you up and running very quickly.

There are great step-by-step instructions on Github.

If you have any issues, please post in #feature-elections on our Slack channel, and we’ll do our best to help.


Thank Yous

There are a couple of things we're proud of.

Firstly, two councils (Cumberland and Westmorland)  came together to fund this, showing how our Kickstarter idea works. We plan to build more features this way, putting the specifications and the costings out there and seeing which councils can help fund the work. Thanks to the teams at Cumberland and Westmorland.

It was a fantastic joint effort from Duncan at Rohallion,  Mark Conroy (supported by Big Blue Door), and our core team. They mobilised quickly to collaborate on the work to hit an immovable deadline.

We want to do more of this kind of work in the future. It’s only possible because our councils and suppliers wish to collaborate and share code and because of the unique nature of our funding. Thank you to everyone involved.