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Join the community - step by step

A guide to all the ways you can get involved in the LocalGov Drupal community.

There are numerous ways you can interact with the community, including:

  • joining our Slack community
  • registering for our monthly community meetup
  • signing up to our newsletter
  • following us on social media
  • attending our working group meetings
  • reading and contributing to our documentation


  1. Code of Conduct

    Read our Code of Conduct

  2. Join our Slack community

    The best place to ask questions, learn from your peers and hear about what's going on.

  3. Register for our Community Meetup

    Sign up for our monthly community meetup

  4. Follow us on social media

    We post regular updates on the usual social media channels.

  5. Newsletter signup

    Keep up to date with the latest happenings in LocalGov Drupal

  6. Add our calendar

    Find out when meetings are happening and how to join them.

  7. Check out the documentation

    Take a tour of our how-to guides and reference pages.

  8. Explore our demo site

    See the different page types in action

  9. Create your own sandbox site

    Spin up your own installation as a risk-free sandbox to explore LocalGov Drupal and its features for free.

  10. Share your feedback

    DId we miss anything or is anything not working? Tell us!