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Become a member supplier

Any supplier or partner who is committed to our core aims and fulfills our simple criteria can become a member of LocalGov Drupal by paying an annual subscription fee.

We have two supplier offers:

  • Agency and individual suppliers
  • Supporting Partners - that supply software or hosting solutions not offered through the core distribution but that are trusted by councils and integrate well with the distribution.

Membership benefits

Primarily supplier members will gain access to this growing pool of councils who are part of this unique project, but there are a host of other benefits, these include:

  • Demonstrating your support for LocalGov Drupal, value for money public services and the open source community.

Event & networking 

  • Access to LocalGov Drupal events
  • Discounts on tickets to LocalGov Drupal events
  • Promote job opportunities on LocalGov Drupal website and slack channels

Lead generation & thought leadership

  • Listing as a recommended supplier on the LGD website
  • Company profile page on the LGD website
  • Featured case study on the LGD website
  • Present to councils at a quarterly LGD show-and-tell
  • Present at LocaGov Drupal events
  • LGD representative can attend your event / client meeting where possible

Governance and influence

  • Nominate individuals for election to the Technical Group, Product Group 

Words from a supplier

Big Blue Door is a Drupal agency supplier working with a number of councils to build and maintain their LocalGov Drupal sites.

They explain why they use LocalGov Drupal and some of the benefits.

How to become a member supplier

To ensure that our council members receive the best possible service we screen applications from suppliers before we allow membership.

Suppliers should be working with, and be recommended by a LocalGov Drupal council. In some circumstances we also consider those who have a client using LocalGov Drupal or have a potential client with LocalGov Drupal

In addition, all suppliers need to:

  • provide councils with the features and flexibility to meet user needs
  • be backed by excellent customer service and documentation
  • be fairly priced, and straightforward to start using
  • provide comprehensive APIs as standard, not as an add-on
  • adhere to the GOV.UK technology code of practice


What you need to do

Agencies and individuals wishing to become members of LocalGov Drupal need to: 

The annual fee for suppliers depends on their size and turnover. Fees start at £500 per year.


How the process works

We know that your time is precious so the process is designed to be as lightweight as possible.

1. Fill in our Supplier interest form.

2. Introductory meeting.
We’ll set up a 45-minute chat with an LGD team member to talk through your application. They’ll also give you an overview of the project and products and answer any initial questions you might have.

Get a decision on membership within a week following this meeting.

3. Agree to our Memorandum of understanding and community code of conduct, and fill in the team survey.

If you decide to continue on your LGD journey we ask you to agree to our MoU and code of conduct (over email is fine). This just outlines what we expect of councils and what they can expect from us. 

At the same time, we’ll send you a quick team survey. We can then add all your team members to the relevant channels. e.g. Slack, Product Group session invites, etc.

You’ll then be able to attend meetings and ask our community for support and advice over our well-used Slack channel (it currently has over 450 members).

4. Invoicing and payment.
For those councils who want to become subscribers (and we hope that’s all of you), we’ll then issue an invoice for your subscription fee.

You’ll then be able to apply to sit on our steering group and get a load of other benefits.

5. Announcement.
Once the MoU is signed and the subscription is paid, we’ll work with you to announce that you’ve joined the project over our social and email channels.

6. Membership decision.
For those who’ve paid their subscription fee, there is also the option of becoming a member of our cooperative. This would give you the opportunity to vote at our AGM’s and elect board members.