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Webcurl GOV empowers councils to navigate the digital age with confidence and ease, providing a comprehensive suite of digital tools and services including, CRM, CMS, portals and accessibility applications.

Drupal Development

Webcurl is a proud contributor to the LocalGov Drupal platform, engaging regularly with online communities to create solutions and exciting new features such as GOV.UK Notify, GOV.UK Pay and Voice Assistant Search. 

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Webcurl and LocalGov Drupal

Webcurl’s participation in the LGD community enables us to gain access to a supportive network of like-minded professionals. 

As a leading supplier of public sector services, Webcurl appreciates the need for an efficient and collaborative digital solution that can cater to the specific needs of local government organisations.

LocalGov Drupal offers just that, providing a reliable and scalable content management system that is continually evolving through community contributions. By getting involved in LocalGov Drupal, Webcurl provides tailored solutions to local governments while also contributing to the growth and improvement of the platform. 

As a proactive member of the LocalGov Drupal community, Webcurl has contributed to the platform's ongoing development in several ways. One of the key contributions is the integration of GOV.UK Notify, which enables councils to enhance their digital presence and streamline communication with their constituents.


Getting involved with LocalGov Drupal is a fantastic opportunity to become part of a collaborative community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about providing the best CMS platform for local councils.
Colin Sherry, MD of Webcurl


Milton Keynes City Council Project

Screenshot of Milton Keynes council website


In 2022, Webcurl partnered with Milton Keynes Council to undertake a comprehensive project involving the design, construction, and implementation of a new website for the benefit of their citizens. Our team was assigned the responsibility of completely revamping the website, along with the development of two microsites.

The primary objectives were to:

  • enhance the visual appeal
  • ensure high accessibility
  • improve user journeys
  • reduce the need for additional in-house staff

One of the key advantages of using LGD for this project was the platform’s flexibility and customisation options. Webcurl’s team was able to fully manage all project elements, from design to content creation to implementation, using LGD to create a product that met all of Milton Keynes Council's specifications. 

Throughout this project, Webcurl developed a variety of exciting new features that enabled the council website to serve as the central hub of digital operations.

For example: 

  • Elections: This feature was developed to accurately showcase election data by uploading a spreadsheet. The system extracts the data and then presents it in a view to be published on a page on the website when ready. Presented across three distinct displays: admin, website and carousel. 
  • Open referral: Open Referral is a standard for publishing and searching for information. As part of the project, Webcurl developed an API through Open Referral that transferred available council services to external directories, such as the NHS service directory Midos.  
  • Consultations: Webcurl developed the consultations area of the website, which allows citizens to easily view, engage with and keep up to date with the latest discussion topics. Developing the area with its easy-to-use filter and display types and the integration between LGD and GOV Notify, a tool that enables automatic email updates regarding consultations. 
  • Secure Areas: This allowed specified users with assigned roles to access secure and relevant information directly from the council website using login-restricted areas. This feature was implemented to provide a secure way to access sensitive information while simplifying the user experience. 

The outcomes of this project were highly positive, with the new website receiving positive feedback from both citizens and council staff.  

Webcurl’s ongoing partnership with Milton Keynes Council allows us to build on the success of this project.

Since the initial project, Webcurl has also implemented two additional microsites and continues to provide ongoing technical support to enhance the council’s digital presence further.  


Other council projects

Webcurl is proud to have successfully implemented and supported the following council sites across the UK:  

  • Bracknell Forest Council (Improving their Silktide accessibility ranking from 201st to 24th place!)  
  • Bath & Northeast Somerset Council  
  • Bedford Borough Council  
  • East Hampshire District Council  
  • East Staffordshire Council  
  • Havant Borough Council  
  • Milton Keynes Council  
  • Wirral Council    

Additionally, Webcurl has developed a voice search application, which provides an accessible, hands-free experience for navigating and interacting with local council websites. These features reflect Webcurl’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the digital user experience for local government and their communities. 


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