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Heads of Digital

At a product, technical, and strategic level we understand the needs of those managing large teams, with competing internal organisational pressures. We always think long-term and are helping create council websites on a platform that will stand the test of time.

Current and former heads of digital (and equivalent roles) regularly contribute to the project, pooling expertise and providing mutual support and shared learnings. They are the people driving the product group which steers feature development. 

All those involved are focused on the same thing - meeting user needs - rather than negotiating service contracts or other peripheral tasks.

Many of them also find it incredibly valuable to have peers to talk to. 

I really like the idea of working across councils. Being the head of service is not the same as working in a team, you haven't got that peer-to-peer kind of support necessarily. Here there's other people trying to solve the same problems I'm trying to solve. It's nice to have someone to bounce ideas off, and just think about how we could approach things differently.

Happy teams and service owners

The feedback from digital leaders who are part of LocalGov Drupal has been overwhelming positive. Deployments are faster, money is being saved, content and UX designers are impressed with the CMS and enjoy working with it, developers enjoy the collaboration and working on new features.

Perhaps most importantly their service owners are happy, seeing improved delivery and greater responsiveness from the web teams. 

From my perspective, it's a welcoming community where you can share and collaborate. It's a no brainer, because you're saving development time and costs, you're not having to rethink stuff that's already engineered. Ultimately, each local authority sees itself as an individual, but we're all in the same services, the mechanics of it, is all the same. It's about how we brand ourselves, for our individual residents and reflect our communities. The front-end design is a bit that you can be much more creative on.
Melanie Read, Head of Digital, Waltham Forest

How to get involved

With LocalGov Drupal there is no hard sell, no contractual obligations or license fees.

The code is available to take and use as you wish, but the greatest benefits are to be had from participating.

If you'd like to know a bit more we are always happy to have a chat, provide a demonstration or answer any questions. 

Perhaps the best way entry point is to come along to a show and tell, just drop us an email at 

The developers are very happy with it, which was a big relief. They agreed that the code was very good. And in terms of the product owners like the web managers, the idea of it they were absolutely delighted with. And they're also absolutely delighted with the use of it and the deployment of it.