The publishing platform created by councils, for councils.

Service Delivery

Improving Service Provision

We’re motivated by a desire to help councils deliver the best possible digital experience for citizens, and reduce the risks and costs associated with council websites.

Meeting the needs of councils and improving the experience for service users is built into our unique collaborative model.

The platform is designed, built and maintained by councils, for councils. This means that better service provision is always at the heart of product development decisions. 


Our platform is based on best practice both in terms of the base code and front end accessibility. The standardised code used by participating councils is all based on our shared pool of user research, meaning that best practice comes as standard. The modular nature of the platform allows councils to use as much or as little as the distribution as they wish and gives the flexibility to create unique, well structured sites.

Learning from other Councils

Our collaborative approach gives participants access to a shared pool of user research and experts from other councils and supporting agencies. This gives unparalleled learning opportunities for participating councils.

Our service teams and resolution centre are really, really happy with it. So far, everyone we've spoken to has said, ‘Oh, it's a marked improvement!’.

Improved service delivery 

Sites built on our platform follow best practice guidelines on all our service pages, giving service users a fantastic digital experience. For example it uses GOV.UK concepts and styles on our on our step by steps pages. 

Efficient service delivery through improved usability for web teams

Thanks to content teams having a direct input into functionality, the speed with which services can be designed, delivered and updated is much faster.

This is down to excellent back end UX and site structure. More streamlined and consistent designs has led to a reduction of content, making sites more manageable and easier to update.

Build once, Build together

By collaborating on common needs, participating councils are able to move much faster than a single council development team.

They either work together, pooling developer time. Or councils can divide up the roadmap and work on parts individually. There are economies of scale either way.

Content design and user research is baked into the process, so when products arrive they are fit for purpose.

Any problems are quicker to solve as there are many heads looking at them.

Reduced failure demand 

With pooled user research and best practice accessibility as standard, LocalGov Drupal helps to reduce demand on customer services with citizens more easily able to access and use online services. 


If you would like to find out more or have any questions just drop us a line at We are always happy to chat about LocalGov Drupal, provide a demo of the platform, or show how councils are using it.

The benefit is that it's purely focused on meeting user needs. It's not focused on creating a profit or to get you sucked into maintenance contracts or agreements or anything. It has been built to be as easy to use and effective as possible. People who have built it share the same pressures, stresses, demands, as you do.