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Product Roadmap

The product roadmap is set by the Product Group of councils, find out more about how our governance works


Below you can see the features being worked on, by whom and with what expected completion dates. 

 Working Group  Date  Members
Forms Now - completion Brighton & Hove, Croydon
Microsites Jan - July 2022 Lead by the LGD central team with Brighton & Hove, Waltham Forest, Essex, Hammersmith & Fulham, Haringey. Regular updates on progress with Microsites are posted here
Directories Jan - completion TBC
HMTL Publications after Directories TBC


Some other future developments that have been discussed include:

Feature Development Notes
Enhanced content lifecycle functionality  
Enhanced directories Some work being delivered by Essex Local Offer this year. 

CO0164 SEND Local Offer on LocalGov Drupal - Digital Marketplace 

Enhanced search Some work delivered by Waltham Forest. See Search in a LocalGov Drupal site
GOV.UK pay integration  
Integrations to commonly used third party platforms  
Intranet Some work being delivered now by Essex Intranet Alpha
User accounts  
Ticket and event booking  


We use the UK Design Council’s Double Diamond design framework in order to ensure that adequate time and creative thinking is given to any given feature. Using this framework gives us a common language with which to discuss design. Also see our Feature Design guide