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LocalGov Drupal Beta Sprint 7 Notes

Sprint 7 was the first sprint after a four week break and a number of the team were away on annual leave, so the throughput of work was perhaps understandably a bit lower than previous sprints. 

With that said, progress was made on a number of fronts, with a heavy focus was documentation and onboarding.

31 August 2021
Cumbria council base theme scnreeshot

LocalGov Drupal Beta Sprint 6 Notes

As usual, we defined a number of sprint goals at the start of the sprint to help focus our efforts. We'll provide a short update on each of those goals below, but first a quick update on the base theme.

20 July 2021
Croydon Secondary Schools Directory

Open Referral UK and LocalGov Drupal

LocalGov Drupal facilitates councils working together to share the best practice for building a platform to communicate content. Open Referral is an agreed standard for sharing content about community services.

Combining Open Referral in LocalGov Drupal is an obvious win.

20 July 2021
A zebra crossing

Ideas into user needs and on to tasks

Blog from Oliver Hannan, Product Manager at the National Archives, formerly of London Councils.

I’ve been working with the LocalGov Drupal team on workflow, content lifecycle and scheduling. This means the team have been examining ways for users of Drupal CMS to regulate content before it’s published, apply lifecycle management to existing content and schedule content to be published or unpublished.

I felt it’s worth documenting how we did this to help other teams work through ambiguity. Specifically when taking proposed product features through to sprint planning and onto discrete tasks for developers. I learnt some new ways of working and will hopefully be able to apply them in future.

9 July 2021
LocalGov base theme for Cumbria

LocalGov Drupal Beta Sprint 5 Notes

As usual, we're starting with the research and project sprint goals as this is the order we went through them in our sprint review session, allowing less technical folk to escape before we overload the screens with code and abstraction. So we'll run through our sprint goals from 7 to 13 before coming back to the product sprint goals 1 to 6. 

7 July 2021
Polygon areas on directory maps

LocalGov Drupal Beta Sprint 4 Notes

Sprint 4 was a slightly strange sprint for me as I was working remotely in Italy and took a few days off, returning at sprint review to find out what had been happening. It turns out quite a lot had been happening, maybe I'm not needed so much after all! Finn from Agile tell us more...

23 June 2021
LocalGov phases

Community, collegiate learning and trust in LocalGov Drupal

Blog from Oliver Hannan, Product Manager at the National Archives, formerly of London Councils.

I’ve been involved with the LocalGov Drupal project since early 2020. There’s been a decent amount written about what councils can get from the project, a fair bit of documentation on the impressive velocity developers have achieved in sprints and some videos on enthusiastic sharing of skills. All of this goes a good way to highlight the project, the ethos and the mutual benefit member councils are getting.

I thought I’d go further and outline what I’ve personally got from being part of LocalGov Drupal. I’ve worked in a range of digital roles since starting out as web content editor. I think it’s worth highlighting the job titles.

10 June 2021
Double diamond design process

LocalGov Drupal Beta Sprint 3 Notes

We attacked sprint 3 with great gusto and achieved some incredible results.
We scored on most of goals, while having a bit less resource on the sprint with bank holiday and some half term leave. 
This sprint, my favourite image is the 'double diamond' design process, more on this below.

9 June 2021