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LocalGov Drupal Beta Sprint 2 Notes

Sprint 2 completed with our sprint review today, delivering lots of valuable work on multiple strands, including new user personas, improved flexibility for alert banners and a full Drupal 9 release (finally!).

25 May 2021
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LocalGov Drupal Beta Sprint 1 Notes

We've finished sprint 1 on Tuesday (and started sprint 2 on Wednesday) and the project is gathering momentum once again. This is the first of 10 sprints of development funded by the MHCLG's LocalDigital Fund and overseen by Cumbria County Council. 

13 May 2021
Waltham Forest Council website

Why Waltham Forest joined LocalGov Drupal

Our council has joined the LocalGov Drupal code sharing collaboration. It is a key building block in redeveloping our website in 2021 as we transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. In this post, I’d like to share why we joined and our experience to date.

10 May 2021
Amazon Web Services

Try LocalGovDrupal on AWS

Although I work for an AWS partner, I've always shied away from AWS CloudFormation, their orchestration technology. However, when I got talking to Will here at LocalGovDrupal about reducing the barrier to entry for organisations who want to use the distribution as a starting point, a plan formed.

20 April 2021