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Interview: LocalGov Drupal... and pies!

Will Callaghan -

Living legend Dave Briggs interviewed Will and Kate from LocalGov Drupal about how we got started, the features we've built and how to get on board. He also quizzed us in depth about our pie preferences.

Beta sprint 6 notes

Finn Lewis -

We have just come out of our sprint 6 review with generally happy team and are now taking a break from delivery sprints for 4 weeks. Here's what we've been up to.

Open Referral UK and LocalGov Drupal

ekes -

Directories sharing their services information using the Open Referral standard.

Ideas into user needs and on to tasks

Oliver Hannan -

I’ve been working with the LocalGov Drupal team on workflow, content lifecycle and scheduling. Here's how we've turned ideas into shippable features.

Beta sprint 5 notes

Finn Lewis -

Enjoy our deep dive into content workflow, the new base theme, scheduled publishing, and interviews with content designers and product managers about CMS choices.

Beta sprint 4 notes

Finn Lewis -

Lots done (again) including progress on the new base theme, Open Referral, directory areas and research intervals. Our survey went live too!

Community, collegiate learning and trust

Oliver Hannan -

There’s been a decent amount written about what councils can get from LocalGov Drupal, but I wanted to write about how it's benefited me.

Beta sprint 3 notes

Finn Lewis -

More good progress on LocalGov Drupal with working groups starting to gain their independence.

Beta sprint 2 notes

Finn Lewis -

Sprint 2 ended today with lots of new work including user personas, improved flexibility for alert banners and a full Drupal 9 release (finally!).

Skills Sessions - GDPR and Sociocracy

Will Callaghan -

We've been busy sharing knowledge with each other. Check out our two latest sessions on making GDPR work for your users, and exploring how Sociocracy empowers people to make better decisions.

Beta sprint 1 notes

Finn Lewis -

Our core team is up and running, with ambitious goals for sprint 1. Read about what we've done, and where we're heading.

Why Waltham Forest is joining LocalGov Drupal

David Siddall -

Waltham Forest UX and Content Manager, David Siddall, explains why they joined LocalGov Drupal and their experience to date.

Check out our Skills Sessions

Will Callaghan -

As a group of 10 (and counting) councils we're learning so much together. So we've launched a YouTube series to show the best stuff.

Our Beta starts today

Will Callaghan -

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally here. Beta work starts today and continues for 10 sprints.

Try LocalGovDrupal on AWS

Greg Harvey -

You can now take LocalGovDrupal on a test drive on AWS thanks to this CloudFormation builder.

Beta win and new lead council

Will Callaghan -

We're now in Beta: find out what's new and watch the team's presentation to DrupalCon Europe.

Older posts

Will Callaghan -

We're starting to gather older posts here to create a complete history. In the meantime, here's links to some of our milestones.