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Why Waltham Forest is joining LocalGov Drupal

David Siddall -

Waltham Forest UX and Content Manager, David Siddall, explains why they joined LocalGov Drupal and their experience to date.

Check out our Skills Sessions

Will Callaghan -

As a group of 10 (and counting) councils we're learning so much together. So we've launched a YouTube series to show the best stuff.

Our Beta starts today

Will Callaghan -

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally here. Beta work starts today and continues for 10 sprints.

Try LocalGovDrupal on AWS

Greg Harvey -

You can now take LocalGovDrupal on a test drive on AWS thanks to this CloudFormation builder.

Beta win and new lead council

Will Callaghan -

We're now in Beta: find out what's new and watch the team's presentation to DrupalCon Europe.

Older posts

Will Callaghan -

We're starting to gather older posts here to create a complete history. In the meantime, here's links to some of our milestones.